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It's YOU — the Monumental Team — that is going to make this year the best yet! We are so excited to see the ways that God is going to work through VBS, and we're excited that you're considering being a part of the team. No matter your interests or skills, we have a volunteer opportunity for you.

Check out the opportunities below and let us know where you'd like to be plugged in!

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Volunteers are strongly encouraged to purchase a staff t-shirt to promote safety, professionalism, and visual impact. For this reason, staff t-shirts are being offered at a reduced cost to volunteers. If you have questions or need financial assistance, please contact Children's Ministry Director Sarah Fishel at

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Each child will be assigned a Crew when they register and will remain with their Crew for the whole week. The Crew (5-10 kids) is led from station to station by their trusty guide — the Crew Leader! Crew Leaders:

  • Greet their Crew members when they arrive and lead their assigned Crew between each station throughout the morning

  • Build relationships with their Crew members as they participate in exciting activities

  • Be ready to help Crew members in need (potty breaks, boo-boos, behavior expectations, etc.)

*Crew Leaders must be regular attenders of East Bay Calvary Church for at least 6 months

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At Awesome Bible Adventures, kids are transported back to Bible times in unforgettable ways through storytelling! As part of the Storytime Team, you may:

  • Share the day's Bible story in an engaging way as a Station Leader

  • Help the Station Leader by handing out materials, working with Crews, etc.

  • Assist in the storytelling process by playing a part, acting out a skit, or dressing in costume

*Storytime Station Leaders (not helpers) must be members of East Bay Calvary Church

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As a part of the registration team, your smile will be the first thing families see when they arrive at Monumental VBS! Your responsibilities may include:

  • Greeting kids & parents as they arrive, and being available to help with any needs

  • Being available to assist & answer questions as pre-registered families check themselves in using our tablet-based check-in system

  • Registering those who haven't pre-registered

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Our littlest ones don't miss out on any fun at Monumental VBS! Preschoolers start their day with the big kids, then begin a separate schedule tailored to them. On the Preschool Team, you may:

  • Be a Station Leader or helper for Bible Adventure, Craft & Play, or Games (see descriptions below; Preschool Team is separate, but the roles are similar)

  • Be a Preschool Crew Leader

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During Red Rocks Rec, Crews get to head outside to participate in awesome games (and burn off that extra energy!) If you enjoy being outside and being active, you may enjoy the Recreation Team by:

  • Leading the games with enthusiasm as the Station Leader

  • Helping the Station Leader pass out materials, organize Crews, and keep things moving

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Oasis Tastes is definitely the yummiest part of Monumental VBS! Each day, Crews will get a creative snack that relates to our theme. As part of this team, you will:

  • Prepare each day's unique snack as shown in the manual

  • Retrieve information each day such as kids per Crew, food allergies, etc.

  • Pass out snacks to Crews, then allow Crews to relax and enjoy relationship-building time

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For volunteers with kiddos from birth - 2 years, we will offer nursery so that our team can be fully committed to their time volunteering! If you choose to be a part of the nursery team, you will get to:

  • Care for team members' kids during VBS

  • Read books, dry tears, play peek-a-boo, and maybe change a few diapers!

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This year at Monumental VBS, each day's snack will have a unique tie-in to the day's Bible story!

If you would like to help contribute to the supplies needed, visit the bulletin board by the nursery, grab a card or two, and return the card with the supplies listed on it.


Join the Monumental Team!

Please check the opportunities you are interested in.
Will you require childcare? (Ages 3 and below)

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