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Where will you serve?

At East Bay, we encourage serving in the church not just because we need to fill positions, but because we know that getting involved cultivates joy, purpose, and deeper community.

We believe that God calls us to serve in our local church for a reason — because when we come together to serve each other and our community, we example His love in tangible ways. He gives us unique gifts for a reason — He wants us to use them!

If you're interesting in getting involved with a ministry team, fill out this form and someone from the team(s) you select will get in touch. You're not signing up to serve, just to have a conversation. If you don't see anything for you, that's okay! This list isn't exhaustive. We'd love to chat and get you involved somewhere that is a good fit for for you.

We can't wait to hear from you!


According to our policy, you must be a member of East Bay Calvary Church to be involved in a teaching role. You must be a regular attender for at least 6 months and pass a background check to work in children's ministry.

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