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God at Work

Stories of God's work in the lives of regular people

God is at work all around us – sometimes we aren't even aware of what He is doing in the lives of His people! We hope you will be impacted by these testimonies of regular people being molded by a Holy God.

Forever remembered

Cindy shares the story of her son, Matthew, and his service in the United States Air Force — a story of sacrifice that points to Jesus Christ.

Trusting His plan

Aaron grew up believing in God, but didn't always like Him. He shares how God used the church to ultimately point him to community, service, and a better relationship with his Creator.

Blessed beyond measure

Yeng looks back on the many places and experiences of his life, including time spent in a refugee camp and his family's move to America, and shares how he sees God's hand in all of it.

A COVID-19 recovery story

40 days in the hospital.

12 days on a ventilator.

1 faithful God.

The gospel changes everything

The gospel isn't a one-time springboard into life - it IS life! Brian and Kim share how the gospel has uniquely impacted and continues to impact their lives and their marriage.

A redemption story

Bethany shares her story of redemption — how the ups and downs, the hills and valleys, the bad decisions and the good all led to the glory of God and a story of the redemption that Jesus offers.

A Christmas

"God knows, God cares, God stays." Amanda shares what Christmas means to her, and how God continues to show His love through the difficult memories and the grief of the season.

The comeback

From Rahab to redeemed, Rachel's story of forgiveness and comeback showcases God's grace for every situation and His endless ability to rescue and restore.

A present help
in trouble

In moments where we're brought to complete reliance on God, He works in ways we can't begin to imagine. This is the story of three people who were brought to their knees in prayer, and watched God provide.

No guilt or blame

Dave and Debra share how God has uniquely worked in their lives to bring redemption, hope, and the confidence that Jesus offers total forgiveness and erases shame.

Christ is enough

Can Jesus really satisfy? Is His grace really enough to cover our sins as the enemy tries to shame us? Aaron's story reminds us that Christ is sufficient, and He brings us new life in Himself.

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