Frontline Student Ministries

Our youth faces a lot in any given week — you don't have to tell us we're in a spiritual battle, because we feel it every day. We're on the front line, battling lies and living differently than the world.


That's why we call the cafe in our youth room the Outpost — a safe place to gather, train, and rest.

At Frontline Student Ministries (FSM), you'll hear the Gospel preached and the truth proclaimed; you'll see hearts changed and lives equipped (and have fun, of course)!

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When + where.

SCHOOL YEAR : Wednesdays, 6:30pm - 8:15pm, lower level of the church

SUMMER : Wednesdays, 7pm - 9pm at various locations in the area (click here for schedule)

What we do.

SCHOOL YEAR : A normal night is divided into three parts: games or worship, hearing from God's Word, and time spent in small groups.

SUMMER : During the summer, we have an outdoor activity followed by teaching from God's Word.

Why we're here.

FSM strives to promote personal spiritual growth, outreach, service, and character development in our youth. It exists to win unbelieving students to Jesus Christ, help them in their faith, and equip them to serve others as an expression of their love for Christ.

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