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The family is foundational and vital — and it has taken a hit in 2020. In this sermon series, Pastor Brian takes us back to the basics with what the Bible says about family. We pray this will be an encouragement to you as you seek to honor God in your own home and impact the families around you with Jesus' love.

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"How to Experience Oneness"

How To Experience Oneness

Sunday Discussion Series – “Family First”

Genesis 2:24 - 1.17.2021 - East Bay Calvary

Genesis 2:24 “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.”


1. Leave (Genesis 2:24)

Leaving is in used in Scripture to mean “loosen, depart, abandon” and it involves authority, locality and loyalty. 


Lessons on Leaving:

Keep everything in its place (job, hobbies, friends, parents, media, church…). Everything has a place but they are not to take the place of your spouse.

Don’t let an outer circle replace an inner circle.  Imagine a bullseye with the inner circles being of greater importance.

Remember, there’s only one person in the world you are one flesh with!

2. Cleave (Genesis 2:24)


Cleaving in the Bible means to Pursue, to be joined together and to keep fast and involves emotions, relationship and commitment.


To those desperately hurting … start at commitment, develop the relationship and the feelings will come.

To everyone … God has called us to a life of sacrifice.  That’s the life of Jesus!

Perfect Practice makes Perfect! Practice leaving and cleaving.  Ask your spouse if there is anything they feel you have loyalties to above them.  Date, be affectionate, praise each other.  Team up with others who will ask the hard questions.



S M A L L   G R O U P   D I S C U S S I O N

Question #1 – Read Genesis 2:24 and interact with these phrases … “The biggest hindrance to cleaving is never leaving.”  “It’s possible to leave others but never cleave to your spouse.”  “Who gives this woman away?”  “Forsaking all others, I give myself only to you.”


Question #2 – What makes leaving (shifting loyalty) hard?  What do you find it hardest to leave from (parents, hobbies, social media, friends, work, church, etc.?  Why is it hard to leave?


Question #3 – Cleaving (uniting) is an action packed word.  What practical actions help you experience cleaving in marriage?


Question #4 – This discussion isn’t for intellectual growth but personal and marital growth.  What steps will you take to help grow your marriage this week?  If you aren’t married, what can you do to help others grow and be encouraged in their marriage?  Pray together and set up times to reconnect this week.

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"How God Intended It"

How God Intended It

Sunday Discussion Series – “Family First”

Genesis 1-2 - 1.10.2021 - East Bay Calvary

The Big Idea of Creation:  is that God didn’t create all things equal.  Mankind was created in His image.


“Image” – means “shadow or phantom”

Man is not God yet we resemble, reflect, look like, carry the qualities and characteristics.

1. God made mankind to resemble Him. (Genesis 1:26)

2. God made marriage to resemble Him. (Genesis 1:27)

Application Thoughts:


1. You billboard God’s image with a good marriage!


2. Your relationship with your spouse is linked to your relationship with God.


3. The best gift you can give your kids is a good marriage.


4. Don’t follow society’s picture of marriage. 


5. Thank God for grace! 




S M A L L   G R O U P   D I S C U S S I O N

Question #1 – Take a few moments to rehash the theology of the image of God.  What is it?  How are mankind and marriage made in God’s image.  How do we see that in the text? (Gen. 1:26-27) 


Question #2 – In what specific ways do mankind and marriage bear God’s image?  Get specific and practical – especially with the marriage.


Question #3 – In the five application thoughts above, which ones impact you the most and why? 


Question #4 – How is your marriage?  What are some growth areas for your marriage?  Is there someone God is leading you to help encourage or coach in their marriage?  Take the time to pray for each other.


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