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Blue Sky


"The Man With a Fatal Flaw"

S E R M O N  N O T E S

10.11.2020 | Pastor Dallas Dix


Who is Nicodemus?

...a Pharisee.

...a Teacher.

...a Member of the Sanhedrin


His fatal flaw was this . . . he thought of himself as a good person, who could earn his way into the Kingdom of God.


Being born again is not:

...Doing religious things

...Knowing the right theology (vs. 2)

Salvation requires believing the truth about the Trinity, Christ, faith, the cross, and resurrection, but a person can know the right theology and still NOT be saved.

...Claiming to be born again (vs. 3)


Being born again is:

...Absolutely necessary. (vs. 3)

...Internal transformation (vs. 4-6)

...Spirit initiated (vs. 7-8)

Forest Stream


"The Just Wrath of a Holy God"

Wheat Field


"Truth for Troubled Hearts"

S E R M O N  N O T E S

10.4.2020 | Pastor Sheldon Reist


I. The Definition 
    A. Wrath-deep, intense anger and indignation
    B. Indignation- righteous anger aroused by injustice and wickedness

II. Is God a God of wrath?
    A. Nahum 1:2-3,6-8
    B. 2 Thessalonians 1:6-9


III. Description of God’s Wrath
    A. The Wrath of God Based on His Justice
        1. Guilt is to be convicted of breaking God’s law
        2. Justice is to be given a proper sentence based on being guilty
        3. God’s judicial wrath is always in accord to what each person has done.


    B. The Wrath of God Based on His Holiness
        1. Holiness is the quality of being set apart, being perfect in every way
        2. As a result of God’s holiness sin cannot be tolerated. Hab. 1:13
        3. We have an innate sense that wrongs need to be punished. Rom. 2:15


IV. How can a sinner be saved from God’s wrath?
    A. At the cross, God’s justice, holiness, and love collide in Christ. 
    B. Christ took the death penalty for our sin so justice was satisfied 2Cor. 5:21
    C. Christ became the atoning sacrifice for us so God’s wrath was turned aside. 1 John 2:2
    D. Jesus did all of this us out of His love for us. John 3:16-18
    E. Repent of your sin and believe in Christ.  Rom. 10:9-10


    We don’t need to apologize that God is a God of wrath- that He has an intense anger for injustice and wickedness. We all should be

    angry about such things.
    True love is never complacent when a loved one is mistreated. God is a God of love and that is why He is a God of wrath. That is why He gets angry        about sin. In His love for us He made a way through Christ for His wrath to be paid and for us to be forgiven.

D I S C U S S I O N  Q U E S T I O N S


1. Does the idea of a wrathful God bother you? If so, in what ways?
2. How does God’s wrath demonstrate to us God’s love?
3. How do you respond to Jesus being willing to take God’s wrath for you, so you don’t have to?
4. What do you need to do in response to this message?    


7.19.2020 | Pastor Jonathan Mast

1. Why was the book of John written? (John 20:31).


2. What are some reasons you see that the disciples were troubled? (John 13) 


3. Jesus gave five reasons for His disciples not to be troubled. Which one is most meaningful for you today?  

     1. There is room for you in the Father's house. (14:2a) 

     2. I am going to prepare a way. (14:2b-3a)

     3. I will be your dwelling (14:3b)

     4. The Father is with you now (14:7-11)

     5. I will always be with you because I dwell in you. (14:16-19, 25-27)


4. How does what Jesus said about himself in John 14:6 impact how early followers of Jesus were known in Acts 9:2? Are you willing to be known as someone belonging to the “WAY”?


5. Write down the command repeated twice in John 14:1 & 14:27 and place it somewhere in your home as a reminder for you to trust Jesus. 






7.12.2020 | Pastor Dallas Dix

"The Gospel Is Glorious!"


If we are ever to understand the glory of the gospel, we must understand:


We don't change the gospel, the gospel changes us.

- Why do people try to change the gospel?

- They are ashamed (Romans 1:16).


We are not the power of the gospel, the gospel is empowered by God (1:16).

- How do people think they are the power of the gospel?

- When they try manipulate outcomes.


We are not the righteousness of the gospel, the gospel gifts righteousness to us by faith (1:17).


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