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Truth for Troubled Hearts

A Standalone Sermon


7.19.2020 | Truth for Troubled Hearts

1. Why was the book of John written? (John 20:31).


2. What are some reasons you see that the disciples were troubled? (John 13) 


3. Jesus gave five reasons for His disciples not to be troubled. Which one is most meaningful for you today?  

     1. There is room for you in the Father's house. (14:2a) 

     2. I am going to prepare a way. (14:2b-3a)

     3. I will be your dwelling (14:3b)

     4. The Father is with you now (14:7-11)

     5. I will always be with you because I dwell in you. (14:16-19, 25-27)


4. How does what Jesus said about himself in John 14:6 impact how early followers of Jesus were known in Acts 9:2? Are you willing to be known as someone belonging to the “WAY”?


5. Write down the command repeated twice in John 14:1 & 14:27 and place it somewhere in your home as a reminder for you to trust Jesus. 


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