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"How Has Your Day Been?"


How Has Your Day Been?

James 1:1-4 – April 18, 2021




  1.  Choose joy in our trials! (v. 2)

“pure joy” …


            a. Our joy in adversity is not to be polluted with anger, bitterness, judging, dissatisfaction, or grudges.


            b. Our joy is not a plastic mask, or an outward show, but rather springs up from within.


            c. Our joy in times of trouble is obviously a conscious decision. “Count” or “Consider”


How can we have joy in trials?

     2. Don’t cut the growth process short. (v. 4)


            A.  These tests and trials develop perseverance

            B.  Perseverance develops maturity and completeness.


Three Questions to Answer When Going Through Trials:


  • What attitudes surface during my trial?


  • Am I patient through the process of my trial? 


  • Am I growing or maturing in my living?




S M A L L   G R O U P   D I S C U S S I O N


Question #1 – Are you going through any trials right now that you’re willing to share with the group? 


Question #2 –  Why does God want us to have joy in our trial?  What other emotions can dilute our joy?  Why is it so hard to have joy?  Share times when you passed or failed at the “joy test”!


Question #3 – In our pain adverse culture “letting perseverance have its perfect work” is not a popular thing.  What practical steps can you think of to endure joyfully through our trial?  Get specific!


Question #4 – When we endure through trials, we mature.  What evidence of genuine maturity could be seen when God grows us as we endure?  List at least 5.  Do you see those in your life?  Which ones do you need to develop most?  Pray for each other … for your trials … for joy, patience, endurance and maturity!


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